Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Bit About Myself

Name: Jocelyn Grace
Nicknames: Joss, Joce
Age: 20
Birthdate: March 2nd, 1993

My personal philosophy: 
"If you don't like something about your life, change it."

This is me.

My Life So Far...

Where to begin?

I grew up as a middle child to my two other siblings in a non eventful city called Mississauga...otherwise known as Toronto's 'bitch' city (for lack of a better word). Other than the lack of a white picket fence or a minivan and the absence of a family dog...it was no different than any other typical suburban household.

I have to say, I had a pretty great childhood. Growing up in an era where boy bands were not heading off in one direction, but rather dancing in sync to be beat of my heart (I can't believe I actually wrote that *shudder*). Denim was unfortunately an all too common fashion statement and scrunchies were worn in your hair rather than on a doorknob...well at least for me. 

As a kid, I clearly lacked any sense of 'girly girlness' that every girl my age seemed to have. I ditched the dresses and ruffles (much to my mothers dismay), stuck around with the boys, played pokemon and pogs, and generally got into trouble...a lot.

Then the awkward years arrived...and did not leave for a long time. There are albums to prove this terrible series of years and no amount of gasoline could destroy them. I wish that I could blame those years on puberty, but that did not occur until halfway through high school and even now I am still waiting for those so called 'breasts' to appear on my chest.

High school was a pain in my derrière; as were the boys who were (and still are) too immature to handle and the girls who were (and still are) too much drama. My mind and heart was too mature for my age, while ironically my body lacked maturity. Go figure.

Now I have just finished off my second year at University studying Dramatic Arts and have huge plans for my future. I am going on an exchange to Edinburgh, Scotland for my third year and I am studying at Queen Margaret University. 

I am also going to be working as a camp counselor at a children's camp in England during the summer. This will be a completely new experience for me because I am not the greatest fan of kids...but I am hoping that this will change things for me.

I am also looking forward to doing a bit of travelling while in I am in Europe and I fully plan on taking advantage of every minute when I am there. I created this blog as a way to keep my friends and family updated on my travels. So even though we will be thousands of miles apart, we can still stay connected.

I have no idea what this year abroad will bring me but I can almost promise that I will not come back as the same person; rather a more developed, wiser version of myself: call it Jocelyn 2.0.

And even though decades have passed, the 90's have come around full circle (unfortunately bringing the denim phase back with it) but as of right now I can honestly say that I have lived, maybe not THE life, but definitely a life. 

Let's just say I am hoping to change that!

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