Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello England, I Have Arrived.

The minute I stepped foot onto solid ground, I felt a complete shift in atmosphere. It was obvious that I entered into a completely different way of life than in Canada, where people are more laid back and the pace is a lot slower than I am used to.

Many areas in England are a jumble of new and old. We would be driving down the narrow roads -I'm getting a conniption every time a car speeds past us heading in the other direction....this will definitely take some getting used to- and we would pass these small, cute towns with thatched roofs and cobblestone walkways in the countryside that I would fall in love with, and then a couple miles ahead would be a small city with newer, modern buildings. In amongst all this chaos however, the one quality that remains consistent is all the greenery. There is a plethora of gardens and trees and more gardens and parks and...well, more gardens. I've noticed that people here really like their gardens.

I feel as if I am walking around with a sign across me that says 'I'm clearly not from here'. This is possibly due to the fact that I am a bit shell shocked at the moment. Or maybe it's my odd accent that sets me apart from everyone else. It's weird feeling like an outsider for once, but then I guess it is a bit liberating at the same time!

I feel like everyone just assumes that I am American, which is starting to annoy me as you can imagine.  Here I am trying to find a plug adaptor that will allow me to charge my electronics into a uk socket, and the guy in the luggage store hears my 'accent' and automatically assumes that I am American. Although I felt thoroughly insulted, I didn't correct him because I did need the same plug anyway...and it really wasn't worth fighting about. And who can really blame him? Here we are in 'America' stereotyping Brits with terrible cockney accents (ones we try and fail to imitate) who drink tea with the queen and drive their cars on the 'wrong' side of the road. It is western society (specifically our patriotic allies of the south) that I should really be blaming because they are the ones that give Canadians the bad rep. I think from now on I will have to wrap myself in the Canadian flag in order to avoid being associated with being American. Then again, I don't suppose that will help me blend in will it?

I think the thing that is really throwing me off guard is the fact that everyone here needs to plan out...well everything. So that is not exactly helping my 'let's not plan things and be spontaneous for once' plan. Then again I did make a plan to not plan, so I believe I set myself up for that failure. 

I am still terribly jet lagged which has been hitting me at weird hours in the day and will take some getting used to so I apologize if everything feels a bit jumbled at the does for me at least. In a couple days time my body clock should be back on track and I won't feel quite so tired anymore.


I'm having my first real adventure tomorrow when I take the train into Leamington Spa to meet a friend who is taking me to Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick Castle, so stay tuned for that! I can assure you that I will have plenty of pictures up then.

As for now, I think I am going to catch up on my beauty sleep. Goodness knows I need it!

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