Monday, 17 June 2013

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Here is another tidbit into my crazy, illogical state of mind:
I don't get scared of travelling alone...or planes...or the potential of planes crashing. Oh no. I am scared of airports. Wait, let me reword that. I am TERRIFIED of airports.

I hate everything about airports.
The lines.
The overpriced food and drinks
The fact that no matter what gate I'm leaving in Pearson, I cannot find a bloody Tim Hortons. Ever.
The waiting (actually the waiting isn't so bad, as long as I have a good book to read)
The cold temperature

But most of all I am terrified that I am going to get lost in an airport and miss my flight. I know you are rolling your eyes...but it is true. Last year I traveled to Los Angeles for an Acting Workshop in Hollywood, and here I am in the LAX Airport thinking that I broke the law because I thought I missed customs since I ended up right at the baggage claim right after I exited the plane. I actually asked 5 or 6 people because I was worried I was going to be arrested or something. Or worse...frisked by an old, fat, grumpy American :P

I know that seems dramatic but for some reason, every time I am in an airport I get over dramatic.
For example: While going through security, I always feel guilty and can't seem to shake the feeling that I did something wrong. I also have a strange urge to shout *bomb!* or make terrible puns about drugs or guns. I know, I'm 12 -__-. Thank goodness I keep my mouth closed in this case because I can guarantee that it won't end well if I try anything like that.

Also...if you have to take anything from my experiences with airport security, take this friendly tip:
"Do not attempt to make small talk with the security officers. They will NOT appreciate it. Especially when your puns suck 99% of the time."

Well hopefully my airport experience will not be as bad this time around. I am leaving for the airport in a couple of hours so the next time you here for me I will be in the land of tea and crumpets.

See you on the flip side.

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