Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Oh Canada!

Canada Day is the one day where we can truly celebrate what it means to be Canadian...and by that I obviously mean getting completely smashed so that everyone is singing the national anthem by the end of the day.

For this past Canada Day a bunch of my friends from camp and I got all decked out in red and white, barring our Canadian flags and pins (with obviously an iced cold beer in our hands) and went out on a treck with one goal in mind: To reach the beach and get completely slaughtered.

Now one thing about Europe that will take some getting used to is the fact that you can walk around the streets drinking open bottles of alcohol...and while some people can judge, it is not illegal! I know that when I think about it, it really isn't all that surprising, but it definitely took me off guard.

Beer and alcohol is also cheaper (well I guess it's all relative) but if you go to an off license or a convenience store you can buy 2 litres of cider or pims for £3!

The only downside is that the beer here sucks. Maybe it is just English beers but for the mass majority of what I have drank since I have been here (which is a lot) it isn't very good. That is one thing that I am truly missing from Canada, especially on a day like Canada day....the quality Canadian beers. If you aren't Canadian and/or have never tried an iced cold Canadian beer like Steamwhistle, it is enough to encourage you to travel all the way to the land of igloos and mooses (I don't even think that is a word, but I'm over it).

Overall it was a top class day and it was nice to feel at home when I'm thousands of miles away. And since a good bunch of us were actually Canadian while the other half were Kiwi's (New Zealanders) it was refreshing to have some genuine Canadian shenanigans...even if it was just for a day.

Oh, and as for for our goal...

...safe to say we accomplished it!

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