Friday, 2 August 2013

Seaside at Brighton

Last month me and a friend of mine, Maddy, decided to pack up our bags and head to Brighton for the night. Working at a camp doesn't allow for much down time since I am required to be with the kids at all waking hours of the day, so when we do get days off I want to make the most of it.

I had originally planned in advance that I wanted to spend my days off visiting Stonehenge and Brighton since they were both really close...and by advance I mean a day before since I never know what my days off are gonna be. As soon as I had a rough plan, one of my bosses comes up to me and says, ' aren't getting a day off this week because we are short staffed, but the good news is that you are going on an excursion to Portsmouth! Surprise!' Yeah because it is so much better that I had to spend my day off baby sitting children while they shop -_- no thank you. Safe to say I was pissed. However, it happened to work in my favour since I was able to stay in Portsmouth after the excursion and head straight to Brighton from there. Saved me the ferry trip!

I had to wait for my friend to meet me in Portsmouth after work, so I decided to get some shopping in and eat at a good sit down restaurant. I didn't really shop because all the outlet stores either had XL or XS in everything, and that didn't exactly work in my favour. As for the restaurant...oh my goodness! You cannot imagine how much of a relief it was to actually eat REAL food in a long time. Don't get me wrong, for camp food, the food isn't terrible, but eating the same things every day/week for the whole summer is enough to make you sick. I was so desperate for proper food I ordered a starter, a giant plate of pasta and an iced cold beer. That doesn't sound like a whole lot of food, but trust me it was! ...and I ate it all...I felt fat but happy :)

After my delicious dinner, Maddy met up with me and we made our way to the dream city of Brighton. Ever since I was young, my dream place to live was always Brighton. I had this picture set in my mind that I would live on the coast and walk along the pier every morning with a hot cup of tea and a nice book. It seemed ideal!

What I did not know prior to this fantasy, was the reputation that Brighton had of being the 'gay capital of the United Kingdom'. Not that this is really an issue for me...but it does kind of dampen my dream when I think of finding a soulmate there, especially when it really does live up to its reputation!

One thing that's certain in Brighton is that there is ALWAYS something to do and some place that is open at night. The nightlife is phenomenal! There are the cheesy and cliched named clubs like "liquid, digital, etc..." and there are the very gay friendly clubs like "woo hoo". There was even a club called Oceana where there is like 50 different rooms with different djs and bars in each one. It made you feel like you were going into a secret vip area like you were someone important.

The bars in Brighton were also choice places, although it did feel a bit weird waiting so long to be served by male bartenders *cough* reputation *cough*. Either way, Brighton assures you a good night out and if you are not hungover the next morning, you haven't experiences a proper night in Brighton.

Since we came late at night and didn't book a hostel in advance because we didn't have enough notice, we had to search everywhere for a hostel. This is where my lack of planning "be spontaneous" plan worked against me. All the hostels were either completely full, ridiculously expensive or closed for early reception. We did find a hostel with vacancies but there were no empty beds in the same room which seemed a bit sketchy for me and my friend so we didn't take that chance. However, we found another place that gave us a deal since it was a late check in, and we ended up with a family suite.

It was nice living in luxury for a night!

While Brighton's nightlife was exceptionally cheeky, the daytime is the place to be.

We got up early and ate a delicious baguette meal on the beach, working off our hangover in the blistering heat. It took walking along the shore and Brighton's famous pier that reminded me why I wanted to live here to begin with.

It was just so beautiful. I don't care if it is the 'Gay Capital of the United Kingdom', I don't need to find a soulmate because I already found one: Brighton. You can bet that I will be back here again.

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