Sunday, 17 November 2013

Embracing The Winter Season

Spring is that happy time of year when the flowers start to bloom and the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air. You get out your pastel colours, rain jackets and wellies and go out on a nice stroll through the park.

Summer is the time of year when you self indulge; whether that is partying your heart out or relaxing and getting your tan on. You shed the pastels and rain boots for your cute shorts and tank tops and hit up the beach.

Fall is the time of year when you make a fresh start (e.g. a new school year), watch the leaves change into a rainbow of colours and embrace the cool breeze. You swap the shorts for jeans and take out your cute (p)leather jackets from the back of your closets, and sit down on a bench to take it all in.

And Winter? Winter (at least to me) is pure happiness.

While I love each and every one of the seasons, Winter is by far my favourite (even though I often find myself REALLY broke during that time of year). The tinsel and holly decorate the city and the twinkling lights give an extra sparkle to an otherwise dull night.

Out comes the cable-knit sweaters, reindeer pants, beanies, mittens and scarves, oh and lets not forget the TONS and TONS of soft thermal socks :) I love bundling up on a cool winters night with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. There is nothing better! This is why I am super excited that the winter season has just begun!

Last week I went to Primark and fully stocked my closet with all the winter goodies. I can now say that I am ready for the Winter season. GET AT ME SCOTLAND!

So to kick off the Winter festivities I decided to honour my Canadian roots and go ice skating, my 4th favourite past-time (after eating, sleeping and football of course...). My friend Maddy came to visit me last week before she returned home to New Zealand and on her last night in Scotland we missioned out to Edinburgh's only skating rink for some good ole fashioned ice skating. I longed to be back on skates so I was relieved when I found a willing person to come with me. It was also her first time ice skating so I was delighted to share a piece of Canada with her before she returned a means to slowly convert her of course! ;)

So we get to the ice rink and are renting skates but there are NO hockey skate rentals! This was an absolute travesty! I haven't been on figure skates since I was ... I don't know 7 or 8? I got so used to hockey skates that I kept forgetting that there is a pick on figure skates. Which was why I face planted, HARD, when I tried to do a few fast laps on the ice. I hate bloody picks! I forgot how difficult it was to centre your body so you don't trip. It is so natural for me to lean forward when I speed skate hence the reason I face planted.

But it didn't take long till I was back up and spinning around on the ice.

I decided to cool it on the speed skating though because while I am a sucker for embarrassing myself, I had bruised my ego enough...and my body was pretty bruised as well.

I had the internal debate of purchasing hockey skates, since I can't rent them anywhere, but there is this thing called money that keeps me in the way of my dreams. It is such a pain.

Skates aside, it felt so great to be back on the ice. Like the true Canadian I am, you may take the skates off the girl but you can never take the girl out of the ska-- okay I have no idea where I was going with that.

OH Yeah! I am also happy to say that Maddy was a natural! She was a bit shaky at first but after a good half hour she was skating a lot smoother and stopped using the boards as a crutch. I was so proud! She kept insisting that I should skate off on my own because she felt like she was holding me back, but it wasn't like that. I love the fact that I can share my love of a sport with someone and see their excitement when they finally get the hang of it. I also remember how much it sucked when I went snowboarding for the first time and my friends left me alone on the bunny hill. It was HORRIBLE. I had such a bad experience that it hindered my chances of ever trying it again. As much as I love skating, I would never leave a friend like that!

All in all it was a great evening! The only thing that would have made this day truly complete would have been a smoking hot Tim Hortons candy cane hot chocolate. But alas, we had to settle with a cheeky pint at the nearest pub. Which, to say, wasn't a bad alternative.

Now that I am bundled in my warm clothing and safely snug in my bed, there doesn't seem like I have a place to go, so....

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