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The Chronicles of Christmas: Packing Mishaps (again)

The Chronicles of Christmas:
Packing Mishaps

I figured that this trip needed it's own series because I am leaving for 27-28 days and I don't think that I will cover this in just one blog post, so I plan to post at least once a week to keep everyone updated. 

When I arrived in Scotland I had decided that I wasn't going home for Christmas as it was way too expensive for only a short trip and instead I would travel to Austria to spend Christmas with my extended family from my father's side (actually I decided this a while back but that is just a matter of semantics). I haven't seen them in...9...10...years? Either way it was a long time and way overdue!

Also, the last time I was in Austria it was summer and...well I wasn't legal to drink...not that this really mattered at the time, geez I was only 10 people! But the point was that I never saw the beautiful country during Christmas time, blanketed in a sheet of snow. I heard that Austria is the place to be during the winter season (unless you wanted to skip winter completely...then you would head to Australia. No offence to Australia but I like my Christmas to be a White Christmas, not a sunny one), so I got really excited at the chance to see Austria in all it's glory!

I couldn't get a direct flight to Austria from Scotland...unless I wanted to pay an obscene amount of money, which I didn' I had to book a train from Edinburgh to London, then a flight from London to Munich and finally a train from Munich to Vienna. I obviously wasn't going to do this all in one go as I would miss out on visiting these amazing places in detail, so I spread out the journey a bit. 

I would arrive in London during the day so I can walk around the city a bit, then booked a night in a hostel. I will only be staying in London for one night this time around because my flight is the next day, but I planned some extra days for when I return to Scotland.

Then when I arrive in Munich, I will stay two nights in a hostel so I can do some touring around the city for a bit. I have a plan to see a couple of sights while I am there but I will discuss that in my next couple of posts. 

As for when I arrive in Vienna? I don't really know what to expect so I will just have to see what happens :)

So that is my brief 'plan' (again, so much for being plan-less, I knew that would never work).

But as of this very moment I am dealing with more pressing matters:

Packing...and writing my paper....but Packing is more important. Shh! Do not judge me! I do NOT need to get my priorities straight thank you very much...procrastination wins every time whether I like it or not anyway. What do you think I am doing at this very moment? Yes. Procrastinating. 

So there...but back to the issue of packing.

Now one of my very first posts on this blog was the stresses that I go through when packing, partly because it requires a lot of arm strength (stuffing everything into a tiny bag) but mostly because I suck at it. Again I find myself in the very predicament of over-packing...but I don't think that it is my fault. I mean I am leaving for almost a month...and it is in the winter season so clothes are a lot thicker and bulkier...but that doesn't help my case. 

I need one of those magical purse bag thingy's that Hermione had in the last Harry Potter book. You know, the one where it was like a bottomless pit? You could put a whole house inside it and the bag would never be bigger than it was to begin with. They really should invent that. It was solve all my problems. It would also make the expression 'bag lady' seem a lot less of an insult at least!

Unfortunately my bag does expand and it only fits so much. This may be a bit of a problem...

Here is where I am at the present moment: 

And this is not including my laptop, camera bag, tripod, chargers, hair straightener....and anything else I decide that I a coffee maker, toaster, oven mitts, duvet, etc. You know...the essentials!



Okay I managed to fit everything in my bag! I can officially say that this is going to be a pain to carry around as it weighs a ton. I have no one to blame but myself as I have a serious problem with overpacking. I better improve this situation when it comes summer time as I will NOT be backpacking with a bag that weighs this much!

Alright, I better get back to my paper now because I leave tomorrow morning and I need to get at least a couple of hours sleep or I will not have much fun in London.

But I will leave you with this ADORABLE picture of a hedgehog wearing a santa hat! SO CUTE!

 I'll talk to all you lovelies later! :)

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