Monday, 30 December 2013

The Chronicles of Christmas: Let's Get It Started on a Sunday Night

The Chronicles of Christmas:
Let's Get It Started on a Sunday Night

I had made plans with my cousin Theresa to meet up on Sunday evening for cocktails, so that is exactly what we did. However, the night progressed to much more than just a couple of innocent girly umbrella-type drinks at a swanky bar...oh no, it escalated to a full-blown dance party, "how many shots have I had?",  kind of night. This is what happened:

After meeting up with Theresa at the subway station we made our way to a posh upscale bar. I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me but it was a very popular place since we had to struggle to find a seat, and it was only a Sunday night! The server gave us this massive menu to look through and there were just too many options, I couldn't decide. After 15 minutes of flipping endlessly through the pages without a clue of what to order, the server suggested his favourite cocktail and since I couldn't make up my mind, I decided to trust his opinion. I mean he wouldn't suggest something awful would he? That would just be cruel.

When the drink came I was thoroughly satisfied. It was massive and it had all the embellishments of a perfect tropical beverage. I smelled the coconut right away and for people who know me know that I fall in love with anything coconut. Safe to say, it was amazing!

However, it was a bit too good for my liking because I finished the entire drink within 5 minutes of it arriving. This was risky because they were just too good even with all the alcohol loaded in them. I could have easily ordered 5 more of those and all that sugar wouldn't have been very good the next morning. It also wouldn't have been very good for my wallet either!

Thankfully we only stayed there for one cocktail and spent the rest of the time at the bar catching up on lost time.

After we left the bar we were a little hungry so we went back to the central station and bought fresh baguette sandwiches at a cute little french place. Since we couldn't find any tables to sit at we decided to sit down on the coin operated massage chairs. They were more comfortable anyway!

At this time it was around 8pm and with neither one of us wanting to turn in for the night we decided to meet up with her mates at a club to party a bit. When we got to the club it was ...well...completely empty. But that was to be expected, considering the fact that it was 8pm on a Sunday. Not exactly prime party time.

As we shuffled into the booth next to her mates we were greeted with the full Viennese student's bottle service of choice: Vodka and Redbull. Yes, it was one of those kinds of nights.

Theresa introduced me to a Radler, which is basically a fruit-mixed beer (most commonly lemon-lime flavoured). It is a popular summer-time beverage just like Pims Cup is in England. While it was very good, I tend to prefer a regular beer to the fruity ones which is why I am not too keen on ciders.

This was about the time that the shots started arriving. To be fair, I did start the madness off with making Theresa and her friends try a BJ shot, which they had never had before. Seeing as this was a necessary feat, I bought the first round and shortly after more rounds kept arriving. I have never had so many BJ shots in one night and I don't know who kept ordering them but they just kept coming.

As the night progressed more people arrived and the DJ started playing some tunes. I remember being really shocked that all the music was English music and everyone was singing along to the songs, but barely anyone in the bar actually spoke English! That meant that they have no idea what the songs are about and yet they sung them anyway. It does, however, explain how artists like Nicki Minaj can sell so many records with crappy lyrics.

After dancing for a bit we decided to go to a hip hop/r&b club next door called Ride Club. This is where the night starts to get a bit hazy. More shots arrived, this time they were Apfelstrudel flavoured shots, and they were amazing. Then we danced, and danced, and danced to old school Sean Paul and Doctor Dre until the early hours. I don't remember much more after that but I can definitely promise you that I have never partied so hard on a Sunday night before, and had this much fun!

It was a sunday night to remember, or more accurately, to forget! 

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