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The Chronicles of Christmas: As The Road Winds Down

The Chronicles of Christmas:
As The Road Winds Down

Alas the time has come for me to say my goodbyes to my Austrian family and head back to the big beautiful city of London. My Uncle Markus was so kind in offering to drive me up to Salzburg so that I could catch my flight so I was able to spend a bit more time with my cousins before I had to leave. 

On the day of my flight we woke up extra early, ate breakfast and were on the road by 7:45am. We were worried that even though it was early we were still going to be cutting it close (as my flight was at 1:20pm and it could take up to 4 hours to drive there). But surprisingly it only took 2 hours to reach the city and since we overestimated the journey we were able to spend some extra time exploring.

Again, the drive through the alps was spectacular! When I come back (hopefully during the summertime) I need to spend some extra time in the mountainside because it is simply stunning!

With time to kill, we stopped at the Von Trapp house featured in the Sound of Music. They had made a lot of changes to the house since the film came out but it was still cool to see the house that brought back many childhood memories.

I absolutely adore the Sound of Music and it was one of my favourite movies growing up. Since it was set in Austria (and it is a fairly well known movie back home) I thought that it would have been equally famous in Austria. Surprisingly, it was the opposite. Most of my cousins have never watched it and said that it isn't really well known. Which is a terrible shame if you ask me!

After the visit to the Von Trapp house we stopped in a cafe to grab a quick cup of hot cocoa/coffee and sacher-torte (this amazing chocolate cake), and then it was enroute to the airport. As we got to the terminal, we all said our goodbyes (and exchanged promises to visit again and write), and then we parted ways.

My family was incredibly hospitable to me these past couple of weeks and I will miss them dearly! 

Live Update

Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting until they announced the gate number. I wonder how unlucky I'm going to be this time as my misfortune always seems to exceed me during flights.

So far the queue has gone by quickly and I wasn't selected for random search so that is a plus, but the real indicator will be if I get stuck next to an unfortunate passenger again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Flash Forward

Sure enough my luck decided to pull through for once and I got a window seat plus two hot guys sitting next to me. I spent the whole plane ride trying to think of something to say...something witty and cute but not weird. When we finally landed one of the guys let me go ahead of him and this gave me the perfect opportunity to unleash my charm...however when I opened my mouth some sort of premature mouse squeak came out. And this is why I am single. 

It took me 2 hours to formulate an adequate response and I can't even say something intelligible! I fail at being a woman! No. More accurately, I fail at being a human being.

Safe to say I got out of the plane rather quickly at that sad failed attempt and made a beeline for the baggage claim. 

Why do I even bother? It was a waste of a perfect opportunity and now I officially plagued my fate with being a 50 year old spinster with a house full of cats. *sigh*

Oh and if that wasn't enough, I walked into a glass door on my way out of arrivals. Did anyone notice? Of course they did! In fact, the same two guys happened to be right behind me. Typical.

Someone up there is seriously laughing at my expense. 

I knew that all this good luck in the beginning was a little too good to be true!

Why do I feel like this blog has become less about my travels and more about my habit of getting into awkward and embarrassing situations that always occur in front of the opposite sex? I can only hope that you guys are getting some enjoyment over my failures because if not it will all be for nothing. 

The next morning I met up with my mate Vino and we spent the day walking around London. There was an art gallery that my friend recommended I visit so we decided to check it out seeing as we didn't have any plans for the day.

The art gallery is called The Unit London and it is located in East London in Chiswick. One of my mates from the camp lives in Chiswick so I thought it would be a perfect chance to meet up with her while I was there, unfortunately our timing was terrible and we just missed each other.

But the day was still eventful :)

We went for a quick breakfast at a local cafe and I had a delicious meal of Eggs Benedict with sunflower seeds and smoked salmon. It was so good!

Then we stopped by the art gallery (they had an art exhibit going on at the time entitled Utopia). It was a tiny space but the art was truly spectacular. Even though I previously mentioned my distaste for modern art, this was different. It wasn't trying to be pretentious and most of the art was understated which was refreshing.

We spent a good amount of time in the gallery going from piece to piece and after that we sat down and flipped through the art books on the table. As we were going through this one book about dog themed art (its not as bad as it sounds) there was a spider on one of the pages and Vino totally flipped. It was absolutely hilarious! I know it doesn't sound all that funny, but it was definitely a You had to be there moment. Haha it makes me laugh just thinking about it :P

After the exhibit the rain had cleared up so we just spend some time walking around the town. It turned out to be a great day and we didn't have any plans or expectations so that made it all the better.

Then it was time to part ways (Vino went to the Harry Potter Tour and I took the train back into Edinburgh as I wanted to be back for Hogmanay festivities).

When I was back safely in my flat in Musselburgh, unpacking my bag and relaxing on my bed I made the inconvenient discovery of my sheer stupidity: I had lost my debit card in London. Apparently in my haste of packing quickly at the hostel in the early hours while my bunkmates were still sleeping, I threw away my debit card along with the rest of my rubbish. To be fair it was dark and it was an honest mistake but it was terribly inconvenient because I needed that card for the next day as it was New Years Eve.

Thankfully a mate of mine lend me 20 quid so I could still go out and my mom was able to order me a new one in Canada and have it sent over pretty quickly, but it still wasn't all that smart of me. Oh well, we all make stupid mistakes (I tend to make a few more than necessary but who cares).

Alas, this concludes the Chronicles of Christmas series and just because I like you all so much I am gonna give you a little added bonus...something I like to call: The Chronicles of Stupidity: Jocelyn's Hogmanay Misadventures. Let's just say my New Years Eve was...eventful to say the least.

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