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The Chronicles of Stupidity: Jocelyn's Hogmanay Misadventures

The Chronicles of Stupidity:
Jocelyn's Hogmanay Misadventures

Okay this one is going to be a bit of a short one because frankly...there isn't much to tell as I don't remember much from that night but it is still a story worth sharing. and it also gives you a bit of a laugh at my expense so that's always an added bonus!

So if you never heard about the famous Hogmanay celebration, I will give you a little background information. Hogmanay is the biggest New Years Eve celebration in the world (yes, it is bigger than Times Square) and it takes place in Scotland (Edinburgh has the biggest celebration in particular).

There are street parties, ceilidhs, flat parties, fireworks, concerts, the works! And the evening always concludes with the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne.

So this was my night (or more accurately, what I can remember from it):
  • I pre-drank with my friend and her flatmates
  • We took the train into Edinburgh
  • We split up
    • They went to the Street Party and I met up with my mate Edna at her work (we worked together on a short film a couple of months ago and have become close friends)
  • Then we drank, partied, drank some more, etc...
  • The clock hits midnight, we opened a celebratory bottle of champagne (bad idea for me seeing as I was already heavily intoxicated and wine does terrible things to me). Then we danced and sung Auld Lang Syne and after that....things start getting kind of hazy.

Next thing I know it I am wandering the creepy dark streets of Edinburgh alone, partying with randoms and generally oblivious to everything around me. Apparently what happened is that Edna went to the washroom and in my state of confusion I just wandered off...I have no idea why as I was drunk.

There's not much that I remember but I do recall ending up in a Rickshaw at some point. I have no idea how...but that did happen, I assure you.

The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed with no recollection of how I got there and I checked my phone to find 75 missed calls on Viber from my parents.

Apparently intoxicated and stupid Jocelyn decided to drunk call her family and speak to them in English, French, Italian and German (This is coming from them...I don't even know Italian or German!). Now before you think I discovered my drunk talent of being a whiz at languages, it was apparently awful and incoherent. So there goes that!

The worst thing was that I had my parents all worried and my poor brother was up all night worried sick on his birthday. I had made an absolute arse of myself!

I also had bruises everywhere and I ripped my jeans (again) suggesting that I must have taken a few tumbles during this drunken stupor.

Safe to say I started off another year with a terrible hangover and an idiotic tale to tell...although the fact that I ended up on a Rickshaw is still a bit hilarious.

So what have we learned from Jocelyn's stupidity kids? Don't be an idiot. Don't drunk dial anyone. And don't drink it does terrible things to you.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve (one that you actually remembered unlike mine) and made your New Years Resolutions. Just curiosity, but how many of you have actually stuck to those resolutions? Or by now are you sitting on your couch with a bag of Doritos starring longingly at the models on your magazine cover wondering if becoming bikini body ready is a state of mind or do you actually have to go to the gym...okay maybe that's just me.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let's Make 2014 A Year To Remember :)


If this is your first post that you have read from the Christmas Chronicles, I will post the rest of the links below so you can read the series in it's entirety. Cheers! Joss xx

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