Thursday, 15 May 2014

20 Reasons Why...Sleeping in an Airport Sucks

20 Reasons Why...
Sleeping in an Airport Sucks

  1. It's noisy
  2. There are crying children
  3. They are also sitting right next to you
  4. The ground is hard
  5. Your butt is now numb due to said hard floor
  6. You can't actually sleep for fear of having your stuff stolen...even if you don't have anything worth losing (except your dignity but you are sleeping in an airport for Christsake so you've already lost that)
  7. You are in a bloody airport so it's not exactly 5 star accommodation
  8. Food and drinks are really expensive...and while you REALLY want a beer right now, you can't afford the 10 quid for this liquid goodness so instead you resort to inhaling the air around you (Spoiler Alert: it isn't as good)
  9. The lights are fluorescent and completely blinding/irritating to the eyes
  10. You are also sitting underneath a giant neon billboard
  11. And you can't move as your butt is numb
  12. And there is this metal pole jabbing into the small of your back making any and every position you move into, incredibly uncomfortable.
  13. There are never any outlets so you can't charge your electronics and watch a movie to kill time
  14. Instead you drain every tiny bit of your battery on useless apps until they refuse to turn on and you need to resort to other mediums of entertainment
  15. This leaves people watching and writing/reading
  16. You don't have a book so reading is out
  17. People around you are all either sleeping, reading or crying babies, and not exactly stimulating entertainment
  18. Also they all have sleeping bags and seem much more prepared for this than you are
  19. You resort to writing but it turns out that you have nothing better to do than write this list and think about how depressing your life is at the present moment
And Finally...

   20.  It's a Freaking Airport, what did you expect Woman?!

...dear god I need sleep.

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