Saturday, 30 August 2014

Home Bittersweet Home

Home Bittersweet Home

Well lovelies, I am back in bum-hole Mississauga and already experiencing a huge bout of travel-sickness (not to be confused with motion sickness). I really miss travelling and it's going to take a while to mentally get back into the swing of things and relax my nomadic ways for the time being.

I think the hardest thing that I am trying to wrap my head around at the moment is the fact that nothing has really changed since I've left. Yeah there are a couple of new developments here and there in regards to architectural differences (ie. new buildings, stores, pubs, etc...) but people and lifestyles? The exact same. 

Falling back into the same old routine was just too easy and that scares me. I hate routines. Routines are comfortable and everyone knows that 'comfortable' does not exactly mean exciting. I think living spontaneously this past summer with no idea where I would end up the next day is something that's going to be hard to shake but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A little spontaneity is good. It keeps life interesting!

I feel like I am on one level mentally and it's completely different to everyone else here and this logic is hard to comprehend. Of course I don't blame anyone for being content with their small comforts but it's hard when I have changed so much over the course of 14 months and everyone else has seemed to have remained the same; stagnant like water. If you don't filter out the bad and have fresh water coming in, then all your left is with dirty sewage waste...and I can't live that way. Not I'm not saying that everyone is to be compared with dirty sewage waste (oh god no!), that came out a bit wrong...let's just say that for someone whose been travelling for a while, I have become a little cynical of small town/city life.

But I guess this is something I have to get used to for now as I have one more year left of University before I graduate and set out into the big bad world for real this it bad to want to get it over as soon as possible so I can move to Europe for good? I think since I dipped my toe into the pond this past year, I'm ready to dive head first into the ocean (I don't know what it is with me and the water analogies at the moment but I'm sticking with least I'm consistent!). Once an adventurer, always an adventurer!

And these past 14 months have been an adventure alright! Although I didn't have that hot and steamy Italian fling that I was vying for, and have probably embarrassed myself more times than any sane person should in a lifetime, it has still been an amazing adventure and I wouldn't have changed it for the world (yes even the bad bits, although I could have done without them...okay that's a total lie, I would have changed them if I could).

So England, I was sorry to leave you behind but I can promise you that I will be back before you know it! 

To all the lovely people I have met along this journey I will miss you all so very much and hopefully our paths will cross again someday :) 

I know this is sounding so final and everything but this does not mean that I am stopping my blog right here! Oh goodness no! I still have plenty more stories to share with you and now that I have this brilliant insight into European travel, I'm sure you are all dying to get the 411. And don't you worry, just because I am back in the homeland does not mean I won't find ways to embarrass myself so I'm sure you won't be missing out on much!

Stay tuned for my next post which I will post on Monday (I PROMISE I WILL) and hopefully I will get a few more posts out within the next month but I'll spread them out so you're not bombarded with them all at once.

If you have been following my adventure from the beginning you are one dedicated person! And I say person because I seriously doubt anyone other than my mother or father reads all of these posts...and I don't even think they read each of them but who can blame them? But seriously, thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying them (although if they're crap I would have really preferred you let me know that in advance to the embarrassment). If it wasn't for you readers this would just be a public diary and that would be a little sad...I have too much pride to resort to being casted on the same level as Jenna Hamilton (for any Awkward eh okay it was worth a shot).

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