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A Spontaneous Road Trip

A Spontaneous Road Trip:
The Beginning

A couple of years ago my mate Becca and I decided that we wanted to road trip to Florida in the summer. We wanted this trip to be spontaneous but because other people got involved, the trip slowly became more and more planned in order to accommodate each individual. Obviously this was counter productive as you can't be 'spontaneous' when you 'plan' out the adventure, hence it was a colossal failure and never ended up happening. After a year of both of us going our separate ways, exploring overseas and acquiring a new appreciation for traveling, we knew that a spontaneous road trip together was something that we still wanted to do. As it was our last year of University (well my last year at least), we wanted to go out with a bang. But because we didn't want it to be a failure - like it was the last time - we gave ourselves some rules:

  1. We cannot plan when we are going. It has to happen spontaneously and we only get 30 minutes to pack up our bags and leave.
  2. We cannot plan where we end up going. It will be somewhere in the USA or cross Canada but we cannot plan specifics. 
  3. We can plan a vague road trip 'bucket' list of things we want to accomplish on our trip. (This was to help ease the neurotic planner in both of us)
  4. We can plan out an emergency road trip essential list that we can have as a guide of what to take when we get the 30 minutes to pack up and leave. Wouldn't be very good if we rushed off without our passport, jumper cables, money and id's. 
  5. Lastly, anyone sitting shotgun has to be awake at all times to ensure that the driver won't fall asleep at the wheel. If at any point, either the passenger or the driver feels tired, it is time to pull over. 
Now the anticipation for any great adventure is always the best - and most frustrating - part of the trip. Not knowing when or where you are going to go just enhances this feeling, so you can only imagine what we were feeling. We knew that we wanted to take a trip but we wanted to keep the spontaneity alive. While this was a great idea, it would probably have worked better when we were not in the middle of studies when the idea of just up and leaving at any given point isn't exactly realistic. Adulthood comes with responsibilities and sometimes you have to make compromises. For this reason...we kind of had a general idea when we would go. It wasn't a specific day but we needed to make sure it fit both of our schedules so we had a couple weeks leeway to decide when to officially leave. Because of this, the spontaneity was slightly dulled... so yes, we slightly cheated. But regardless, it still had the makings of a great adventure.


No road trip is complete without a couple of well-timed catastrophes, and ours was no exception. Only a couple of days before we (totally not planned) to leave, Becca's car broke down. Typical. I mean really, what are the chances? It's like the gods just knew that we had a completely and totally unplanned road trip in our sights and decided to fuck with us.

Luckily this all occurred prior to our trip actually starting and not when we were already on the road, which wouldn't have been very good. Side note - if you plan on going on a totally unplanned and completely spontaneous road trip in the near future, get your car checked prior to leaving. It will save you future trouble and bring you some piece of mind.


After getting the car fixed, some new complications arrived - Money issues. Ah, the bane of life's existence. The repair jobs put Becca back a bit and we didn't have enough money to hire a rental but we still obviously wanted to go on the road trip, which brought us to a crossroads. Now I have said it once and I will say it again: you do not need a lot of money to travel. That being said, unless we planned on hitchhiking our way across America or siphoning gas like a couple of cheap criminals, then we needed some sort of money to fund the trip. So instead of scratching the trip, we compromised by adding an additional member to the crew and it ended up being the best decision that we made.

A road trip is only as good as the company you are with, so it was crucial that we found someone that balanced our group dynamic...and also someone who could drive, because I could not and Becca couldn't be the only driver. Now before you start with a chorus of "You can't drive and you wanted to go on a road trip? What kind of person are you?" I will have you know that I am a great navigator (most of the time) and what I lack in driving skills, I more than make up for in road trip playlist-making skills which any good road trip needs to succeed. So shaaad-up. But yes, another driver was needed.

This being said, the qualifications for our road trip companion was simple: We needed to find someone who complimented both of our personalities, had a flexible schedule and could leave at a moment's notice, could understand and appreciate the art of spontaneous travel and would put up with our general debauchery...ooh yeah, and could drive.

Enter Jelena: Becca's roommate, cheerleading teammate and sorority sister. We had met on several occasions and even shared a class together (Italian) but never really had a chance to bond, so this trip became a perfect opportunity.

They say that two's company but three's a crowd. Well who ever they wrong. Three is a party just waiting to happen, so let's get the tequila shots ready and meet the crew:

(Meet the Road Trippers)
Note: This took place a year ago

Meet Joss (Me)
DOB: March 02, 1993
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Zodiac: Pisces
Fav Colour: Aquamarine
Fav Flower: Daisy
3 Things I Love:
1. Winter
2. Spontaneous Adventures
3. An Iced Cold Pint
3 Things I Hate:
1. Bad Manners
2. Dishonesty
3. Brussel Sprouts
Personal Philosophy: If you don't like something about your life, change it.
Favourite Travel Quote: "Travel is more than just the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living" - Miriam Beard
Current Mission: To explore the world, meet new people and be happy :)

Meet Becca

DOB: May 18, 1993
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Zodiac: Taurus
Fav Colour: Indigo
Fav Flower: Hibiscus
3 Things I Love:
1. Summertime
2. Freshly Baked Cookies
3. Getting Lost in a Good Book
3 Things I Hate:
1. Know It Alls
2. Being Under Pressure
3. Finishing Lists
Personal Philosophy: Always be open to new possibilities
Favourite Travel Quote: "Adventure begins at the end of your comfort zone"
Current Mission: To figure out what it means to feel infinite

Meet Jelena
DOB: June 22, 1993
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Zodiac: Cancer
Fav Colour: Black and Grey
Fav Flower: Lilies and Orchids
3 Things I Love:
1. Chicken Nuggets & Mozza Sticks
2. Reading
3. Listening to the Cello
3 Things I Hate:
1. Public Speaking
2. Fake People
3. Deep Water
Personal Philosophy: Just let it be, let it go and let live again
Favourite Travel Quote: "Not all those who wander are lost" - J. R. Tolkien
Current Mission: To explore the world

And no trip is complete without a kickass sidekick, so without further ado...

Meet Lenny
(our totally ballin' hula companion)

Hair: Bald as a baby's bottom
Eyes: Like looking into the ocean
3 Things I Love: 
1. Swimming
2. Hula Dancing
3. Zoolander
3 Things I Hate: 
1. Fisherman
2. Canned Tuna
3. Disco
Personal Philosophy: Smile, life's too short to waste your muscles frowning.
Favourite Travel Quote: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" - Dory
Current Mission: Keep the rest of the crew from killing each other and going insane.

Now that the crew had been decided and our complications resolved, all that was left was the road trip to begin...when? That's the question.

Stay Tuned to find out more! :) 

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