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Our Epic Detour: Slightly Windy in Galveston

Our EPIC Detour:
Slightly Windy in Galveston

Well folks, we've made it this far, Day 4 of the (completely lame and hardly) EPIC Detour. I realize that this odyssey hasn't been the greatest of stories but bare with me because the adventure had only just begun! There is still plenty of time for more excitement and opportunities for public humiliation, believe me!

So where were we? Aha yes, we had just left Louisiana and by nightfall, had made it into Houston, Texas. Since it was later in the evening and we didn't have any immediate plans, we needed to find somewhere to crash for the night. It was at this point where Becca turned to me and asked: "where should we go from here?" Jelena was knocked out cold in the back seat, so it was up to me to make a decision...this is somewhat of a regular occurrence since both Becca and Jelena are incredibly and frustratingly indecisive. Don't get me wrong! They are both great road trip companions, but indecisive as hell! A typical conversation goes like this: Me: where do you want to stop for food? Both: I don't care. Me: Okay, that's great that you don't care but that's not going to solve the problem now is it?!?! Agh! 

Anyway, since a decision needed to be made I figured that when in doubt, go south (#wordstoliveby). And south is where we went...hence, we found ourselves in Galveston, Texas.

As soon as we realized that Galveston was an island and camping on the beach was in fact a thing, both Becca and I agreed that this was an top class idea. Oh the possibilities!

As soon as we made it to Galveston we stopped off at a gas station for sustenance and supplies (for Smores of course). At this point Jelena had finally woken up and as she was still a bit disoriented from sleep, we filled her in on our magical and brilliant idea. See, here we are imagining up this perfect scenario where we would camp on the warm beach, drink beers and eat smores by the fire. Oh yeah, and there would also be hot guys there who coincidentally were also musicians. As they jammed out on their guitars, we would all join in on a chorus of kumbaya and live happily ever after, the end....ah, the dream. Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE reality wasn't so nice.

I look like I'm smiling but
 I'm crying on the inside
We got to the park where we planned to camp for the night and luckily just made it in before the gates closed. The office wasn't open so we had to pay for our stay using their honour code - which entailed dropping off the funds in an envelope into the pay slot - which we proceeded to do with huge smiles on our faces thinking that it was going to be a great night. HAHAHAHA! Boy were we WRONG!!!

We parked the car at the camping spot and started to unload our supplies from the car. We noticed that there were quite a few other RV's in the area but no other why would this be the case? Hmm? Well, let me tell you why...

Because it was cold as tits with hurricane-like winds that's why! A bloody monsoon!

Now I will have you know that I am a seasoned camper. I can put up a tent blindfolded, drunk off my ass, with one arm tied behind my back AND in record time, BUT under strong winds in the arctic tundra?! HA! I couldn't get one bloody peg in the ground before the entire thing nearly blew away, ALMOST taking me with it! When I finally wrestled the freaking thing into the ground, it was damn near impossible to put the rain fly on since the wind practically capsized the entire tent. And if that wasn't enough, the universe then decided it was a good time to rain BUCKETS on us.

At that point it was time to admit defeat and so, we packed up the tent once more and hauled ass back into the car. This was becoming a recurring event...

Feeling pretty crappy since our dreams were once again crushed by reality, we unanimously decided that it was another failure of epic proportions. For this reason, we agreed to just bite the bullet, leave the park and drive somewhere else. Bye Felicia!

Which would have been fine IF we could have gotten out of the bloody park! You know how I said we were lucky to have got into the park before the gates closed? Well, they were sure as hell closed now (of course they were) and we now had no way of leaving. Yeah, really lucky we were...

So once again, we found ourselves sleeping in the car...which I guess is still better than sleeping outside. Since we had no choice in the matter, we figured that we would park directly in front of the office and as soon as it opened in the morning, we would go in and try to get our money back. Which we did and the lady was nice enough to give us a full refund. I don't know if I should be happy that she felt sorry for us or embarrassed that it should have been common knowledge that no one really camps there...apparently Galveston is known for attracting tropical storms. Who knew? NOT US!

So after we finally escaped from another one of my TERRIBLE ideas, we decided to celebrate our misfortune with some hard-earned pancakes at Dennys. It was Fat Tuesday, so pancakes were necessary but then again...they always are. Plans flake? Eat pancakes! #wordstoliveby

After our delicious and completely heart attack inducing breakfast, we wandered off to the shore to walk along the beach, take pictures and admire the pier. Even though it was still quite nippy out, this plan actually managed to salvage the detour to Galveston Island...although I still have nightmares about trying to put up that tent! Grr...

So folks, what did we learn from all this? First and foremost, DON'T rely on me to make a decision unless you want your plans to fail. Secondly, all it takes to break me is an unreliable tent and harsh weather conditions. And lastly, there is nothing that some pancakes can't fix.

Universe, just kill me now.

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