Who Am I

Who I Am

Mi chiamo Jocelyn 

(but please call me Joss, Joce, Jay, Jojo, Jazza or all of the above because I strongly feel that I suit my nicknames more than a typical French boy's name)

I Am A...
  • Doritos Binge-Eater
  • Avid Netflix Streamer
  • Professional Napper
  • GOT Obsesser
  • Wandering Adventurer
  • Future Cat Lady
  • Permanently Single...and Loving it (*silently cries*)

I am a certifiably sane(ish) 20-something that got a Begin Again in the least bankable degree there possibly is (Dramatic Arts) and while I have yet to actually do anything with said degree, I will say that my life has definitely been filled with Artfully Dramatic moments in the past few years. 

I started this blog almost 5 years ago as a means of communication with family and friends while I was away working & studying abroad in the UK and slowly, it has progressed into a platform where I share my stories and wanderings with the rest of the world. I used to joke about going overseas to "find myself" but the truth is that I did discover a few new things whilst traveling - one of which was the love of writing, or more specifically: Storytelling. 

If you are new to my site, then I want to say Welcome! I am glad you stopped by, even if you accidentally clicked on a link on facebook/instagram or you meant to type .com and got stuck with .ca instead (I feel your pain). Either way, Welcome! You may be surprised to discover than my blog is 99% rant and 1% actual content, but that is 100% my life.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and rants, and maybe...just maybe...you can learn something new. Even if that something new is how NOT to be like me. 


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